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Cardinal Montessori School is a wonderful school filled with amazing and highly qualified Montessori educators and staff members. My oldest has been attending CMS since he was 3 years old and is currently in the lower elementary class. Without any doubt, our youngest also started as soon as she turned 3 and now we have been in a part of the CMS family for over 6 years.

I have been teaching at a public school system for over 15 years and when my oldest was about to turn 3, we weren't quite sure if a private school would be a good fit for him. However, after a month or so of starting CMS, we were confident that this would be the school I wanted my kids to stay as long as possible to learn from the best.

I have never felt unsafe sending my child as the school playground is maintained by updating the mulch, the yard is well maintained, there are plenty of shades and big enough places for the students to run around. The school is thoroughly sanitized each day and kept clean. Desks and the learning areas are wiped down often throughout the day, bathrooms and hallways are also sanitized and well maintained.

My youngest has severe food and environmental allergies as well as asthma. The staff is well trained to keep her safe throughout the day and also to maintain her medical needs as needed. My oldest, in the lower elementary school, is way above his grade level in his math, reading and writing skills. The school is filled with students eager to learn while the teachers and staff best demonstrate in providing a caring, safe and warm environment for all the students. My two kids love going to school each day!

~ Essel

When considering a school for our son, we wanted a community of educators and parents focused on learning and childhood development. We found that at CMS and so much more! Everyone from the administrators to the teaching staff has consistently gone above and beyond to create an academically challenging but nurturing environment. I don't feel so positively about this school simply because our son is reading two grade levels ahead and learning multiplication and fractions in Kindergarten, I rave about it because he comes home happy with a smile every day. He is excited to tell me about the fun he had learning in the garden, exploring scientific methods and principles first hand with engaging activities, and the love he feels from his peers and staff. CMS has become more than a school to us, it's become an instrumental piece in the foundation of character, integrity, kindness, and love of learning for our son!

~ Marie

Mr. G and the entire staff at Cardinal Montessori School (CMS) are superb and passionate about their job. This was a key reason why my wife and I kept our son at CMS from Pre-K to 6th grade. An amazing 9 year run!

During this time we came to realize that the key to our son's academic success was the opportunity he had to work and learn at his own pace. Way to often in traditional schools, private and public alike, teachers have to teach to the "middle". If your child needs more time to learn a concept they will inevitably be left behind, leaving a learning void that becomes increasingly more difficult to overcome as the school year progresses. Conversely, if your child is ready to move on to the next concept, they are forced to wait and in turn are prevented for reaching their maximum potential. CMS does away with this fundamental flaw of traditional schooling.

Your child will receive the exact attention and time that they need to become proficient in their academic endeavors which will ensure future academic success. For example our son, reading didn't come easy to him but he had as much time as he needed which allowed him to eventual read at his grade level. However, he exceled in math and was therefore introduced to Pre-Algebra concepts in 5th grade and a completed a full year of Pre-Algebra in 6th grade. Today our son is on track to take High School Algebra in 7th grade garnering him High School Credits.

I can not speak for other Montessori Schools, but if you care about your child's academic success and you want to ensure they receive the very best, then look no further than CMS. The high academic demand of the traditional school year, coupled with the optional summer program gave our son a year round schooling curriculum that is second to none in all of Prince William County. Thank you Mr. G and thank you CMS!

~ Andre

To place one's children within the care of another creates an insurmountable amount of anxiety for me. However, I have none of those feelings with my children in the care of those at Cardinal Montessori School (CMS).

Every teacher at CMS is a gem. I am continually impressed with the individual attention that both of my children receive.I am lucky to have found a school that shares my view on the importance of a valued education.

~ Collette

Cardinal Montessori School is simply the best. The moment I walked in during my tour I knew that it was the right school for my daughter. It has that cozy and family oriented environment, the teachers, director and owners know all the students and the younger kids know and play with the older kids - it has that sense of community. I noticed a difference within a week - it's like they opened up my daughter's mind to discover a world that is full of fun and interesting things. She had that desire and hunger to learn everything. She was pretty acclimated within one day - it was like she was meant to be there and that she belonged there. The mixed age class is great cause the younger kids not only learn from their teacher and the environment but also from their peers. They have zero tolerance policy on bullying and that gives me comfort knowing that my kid is safe while she is learning. I also like that while some of the activities may seem like play or art for the kids - it is actually geared towards learning. They also teach them practical life stuff that comes in handy at home and when they grow up. If ever you are debating if you should send your kids to this school or not - go on a tour and I swear you will fall in love and trust them wholeheartedly.

~ Leean

Our daughter attended Cardinal Montessori School from the time she was 4 years old until she left for middle school. She now attends Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia. We credit CMS with providing her an excellent foundation for her education. The primary teachers are both nurturing and motivating and Mr. Gallegos (Mr. ‘G’) helms a classroom that provides an environment for students to accelerate in the solid fundamentals of reading, writing and math skills. Additionally, the children at this school enjoy an above average amount of outdoor time for physical activities and social engagement. We are so glad we made the investment to send our child here and we recommend this school without hesitation.

~ Lisa

Cardinal Montessori has become an extension of our family. We knew it was the place for us when we discovered that our child could not stop "playing" with the jobs in the classroom. In the past five years, we've watched as the faculty and staff at Cardinal have brought the best out of our children, and now we're getting ready to send our third child to school in the fall. Our kids are always so excited to go to school. They have flourished at Cardinal because the teachers care deeply - they acknowledge each student's individual needs, challenge them to do their best work every day, and create lessons that align with their interests such as outer space and animals. We are so glad to have discovered this school!

~ Theresa

My husband and I are both teachers and we have seen the benefit of the Montessori experience. Our first son started at 4 years old and after 3 months of school, he had many friends, was reading books and was excited every morning to go to school. Now we have our second son at Cardinal and we are very pleased with the entire team, the staff and of course, the awesome Mrs. Benzi. It has never been a struggle to get them ready in the morning to go to school because they LOVE IT.

~ Karine